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Generally speaking, if there are quality problems in industrial brushes, there are obvious quality problems (such as wire breakage, hair removal, etc.). However, besides distinguishing the quality of brush, it is necessary to analyze the processing technology.


Common cases are as follows:

1. Small brush density. In order to save the cost of using silk, some brushing factories have few brush roots per hole or insufficient brush hole density, which results in sparse gross volume of brush rollers, soft and weak brush surface, low grinding efficiency, and unknown users. Therefore, they increase back pressure or speed to improve efficiency, so that brush wire overload work and greatly reduce the life of brush rollers.


2. Brush silk with tilted hairs. When pressing U-shaped metal bars, special attention should be paid to the smoothness of the brush wire. If cross-tilt occurs, the resistance of the reverse brush wire increases sharply when the brush roll runs, and the wire breaks easily, which greatly reduces the service life of the brush roll.


3. The hair brush shes off (breaks off). There are two main cases: single bundle shedding and partial shedding. Single-bundle depilation is the poor firmness of wool planting, which is mainly related to drill hole size, planting depth, number of lower hair roots, and can be detected by pulling force test of single-bundle wool. In fact, partial depilation is mainly caused by breaking wool, which is mainly related to dynamic balance of force on brush rollers, quality of brush, quality of planting wool (density, inclination, crushing, resin curing, etc.). Find out the crux.


4. Processing crush brush wire. When the brush is damaged by wool planting or stamping, its strength and endurance will be greatly affected, or the contact surface at the root of the brush is very sharp or rough, so the brush endurance will be reduced and the service life will be shortened.


5. The brush is too long to trim. When the length of brush wire is too long, it is not the cut surface of brush wire that works, but the side of brush wire that works. More importantly, the swing amplitude (angle) of each wire increases greatly. At 800-2500 rpm, the stress and fatigue coefficient of brush wire base increase exponentially, which leads to the breakage of abrasive brush wire and the deformation of brush roller. 


6. The difference of processing technology. Sometimes the brusher substitutes the familiar process for other processes, but also produces poor quality, such as metal stamping brush, because of its high density, harder brush surface, less pressure in use, and a small amount of space at the root of the brush, which can reduce the impact of the root. In the wind machine processing, the service life of the brush will be significantly longer than that of the wool planting process brush.

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